What Type of Tenant do you Want?

 Tenant Type 1

Think about the lettings game from a Tenants point of view – they dream of a new home, visions of a cosy lounge, glamorous bedrooms, green stripped lawns and pretty little ornaments!!  Their quest probably begins with a Google search which leads to Zoopla or Rightmove, they refine their search to the correct location, number of bedrooms and price range and hit enter.  Before their very eyes are a list of properties advertised by local Agents and they can make contact immediately to book a viewing.  The Agent is sat at their desk and responds immediately and bingo – a viewing is arranged.  Once they see the property, they don’t care about the admin fee or the application forms or that the property isn’t available for another three weeks – they just want to hand over a holding fee!!

Ok so that is a certain type of Tenant but this is the type of Tenant you want living in your property because the other Tenant’s think like this…………

Tenant Type 2

I’m being evicted and need to find somewhere quick, they walk into every Letting Agent in town and ask what properties are available.  They ask disturbing questions about referencing and credit checks and which property is available for them to move into tomorrow!!  When the Agent explains the referencing procedure and that it will be two or three weeks until they can move in because referencing needs to be completed first and then explains they will need a deposit, a months rent upfront and admin fee available before they move, they usually look completely disgusted and mutter some offensive words before walking out.  So now the Tenant turns to Non-Agent ads in the local newspaper and adverts in newsagents.  They might check some online Agent portals such as Upad and Makeurmove in search for suitable properties.

So your decision as a Landlord is simple, do you want a Tenant who is Type 1 or Type 2?!

If you want a Type 1 = click here to contact The Letting Company

If you want Type 2 = GOOD LUCK

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