Top 10 Tips for Letting your Property

Save yourself time, make more money and miss out on a whole lot of stress – Instruct The Letting Company to let and manage your property………….but failing that get the basics of letting your property right first time with our Top 10 Tips.

1.     Give your property ‘kerb appeal’

It’s especially important to ensure your property looks good from the outside, as you only get one chance to make a first impression.  Make sure your property looks as good as, or better than, the surrounding properties.  The front garden should be neat and well-kept, not overgrown, and external decorations should be in good order.  Get this right and you’ll already be ahead of most Landlords.

2.     Have a clear-out

A tidy property with no clutter will look much more desirable to prospective tenants, and it will also look larger.  You’re more likely to get the rent you want by having a good clear-out and it gives you a head-start on your preparation for moving.

3.     Keep carpets and decorations neutral

Maximise appeal by keeping carpets plain, not patterned, and in neutral colours (although not too pale). Walls should also be plain in white, magnolia or similarly inoffensive colours.  As an added benefit your property will also look more light and airy.

4.     Keep it clean

Attract the best tenants by making sure your property is spotlessly clean.  If it is dirty at the start of a tenancy you can rest assured it will be in worse condition at the end, because tenants who are happy to move into a dirty property aren’t likely to be overly obsessed with housework themselves.  Another plus point is that a clean property makes assessing any excessive deterioration a lot easier when it comes to check-out time.

5.     A fair rent is better than no rent

Marketing your property at too high a rent could mean that it sits on the market for longer than necessary.  Even if you subsequently let it at a higher figure you’ll never make up the loss of rent due to the longer void period. So make sure you know the local market, or get in a reputable Agent who can give you an accurate valuation.

6.     It’s all about kitchens and bathrooms

You don’t have to install a brand new kitchen and bathroom, but if they’re clean, tidy, bright and free from mould and clutter you’ll have tenants far more keen to sign up. It’s amazing what you can do with a lick of paint and some new cupboard handles.

7.     Use an air freshener

The smell of cigarettes, pets and dirt are out, and the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and newly baked bread are in. Failing that, a good clean to remove any odours and some fresh flowers will work wonders.

8.     Get gardening

It’s not enough just to get your house in order if there’s a garden too.  Make sure everything is presentable by keeping your gardens neat, tidy and clutter-free.

9.     See the light

If possible show prospective tenants round during the daytime to emphasise space and brightness.  Make the most of natural lighting by ensuring windows are clean and unobstructed by dingy net curtains.  And if you have a great view, don’t forget to point it out.

10.    Get your tenants properly referenced

Even if you do nothing else on this list, it’s absolutely essential to get your tenants properly referenced.  There are many Landlords who have not vetted their tenants as thoroughly as they might have, and lived to regret it.  For help with professional referencing call The Letting Company for a quote – 01536 402323/01733 315020. is a website owned and managed by Richard Gibbs trading as The Letting Company and our VAT number is 876269571.
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