Do you even need a Letting Agent?!

In my experience, if the property doesn’t receive enough enquiries it’s usually because of the following reasons:

  • You’re trying to flog a dead horse. The property is rubbish and/or in an undesirable area;
  • There aren’t enough (or any) quality photos of the property;
  • The description of the property isn’t compelling or informative enough;
  • You’re being unrealistic and overpricing the property.

So really, if you have a desirable property, the product will sell it self, right?!  So why would you pay an Agent?!

Well, minus the first point, a Letting Agent can assist and advise you of the other points if you are struggling for enquiries.  Getting the right market rent means you will be more likely to attract tenants who are right for your property which in turn is likely to make for a happier tenancy.  Many Agents can offer you professional photos and carefully worded descriptions.

Most importantly if you lack experience, the Letting Agent’s customer service and lettings advice will be fundamental for your long term success – remember finding a tenant is only the beginning.  Then there is the legal documents, legal requirements, inventories and deposit protection schemes and if these don’t mean a lot to you then a Letting Agent is a must – even if attracting a tenant is easy.

So the answer is YES, you need an Agent!

If you throw in a Letting Agent to the mix and stick to a few basic principles when choosing an Agent, you might just get it right for the long haul and that really will make for a happy tenancy.  So here is what to look for in your Agent:

  • Use an Agent that offers excellent customer support, so they can be easily contacted;
  • Use an Agent who are local and can sell the location;
  • Use an Agent with experience;
  • Use a specialist Lettings Agent.

The Letting Company is a specialist independent letting agent with thirty years experience.  We make letting and managing property light work for Landlords.  We consider ourselves to be built on traditional lettings standards but benefit from up-to-date ARLA qualifications and legal expertise.  We pride ourselves on being able to offer professional advice through any member of our experienced team.  Our knowledge helps landlords and tenants make correct and informed decisions – we are not called TLC without good reason.

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